"A" Frames



Quick Overview

Type Unknown Type

Small Frame:

Size: 20" X 24"

3/16" Aluminum

Use with 4 - 6.5 HP Engines


​Large Frame:

Size: 24" X 30"

1/4" Aluminum

Use with 8 - 24 HP Engines


​All Frames:

Handle Swivels 360°

Removable Handle

3/4" Axle with Tube Type Tire 

Comes with a Lifetime Warranty (Manufacturer's Defects)

Quantity Discounts Available


​This patented "A" frame is built to last a lifetime. It is made from 100% solid aluminum. Aluminum makes this "A" frame rust-resistant, durable, and lightweight.


The unique "A" shape makes for a pain-free pull. If you have ever run over your heels with

the conventional square frame, you can relate to why this design is essential!